Brief introduction to Shanghai Kingdom

Shanghai Kingdom International Trade Company (SKITC), belongs to Jingjiang AOKE machinery CO., LTD, by taking the advantages of adjacent to Shanghai International Financial Center and Shanghai International Shipping Center, aims at providing high-efficiency metal machining solutions through our local factories in China. Products from SKITC include punching and shearing machines, punching machines, bending machines, cranes et al., which have strong customer base and excellent evaluation from customers in Asia, Africa and Latin-America. SKITC has developed long term cooperation with a number of universities and research institutes in China.

SKITC has world class teams for R&D and services. Most R&D team members have Ph.D. degree or M.S. degree in top universities in China. Team members are proficient in mechanical design, manufacturing and energy saving. SKITC can provide customized solutions, including product design, function optimization and cost reduction, according to customers’ needs.

The purpose of our work is to improve customers’ production efficiency. Our excellent design capabilities enable our products leading in industry. Our elite teams can provide customers with professional, customized, all-day and comprehensive services. By believing the philosophy of “Dedicated to increasing your efficiency” and having the elite teams in R&D and service, we would like to cooperate with elites from all over the world, provide world class facilities for our customers and promote the development of foreign trade.

How to Contact Us

Shanghai Branch:
Manager Anson
Tel: +8618201849494
Add: No. 251, Xinshi Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, China.

Wechat: mrsun201637

Jiangsu Branch:
Manager: John
Tel: +8613961086166
Add: No.8 Yaxing Road, Shengci Town, Jingjiang, Jiangsu, China.

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