Intelligent Fault Identification System (IFIS)

We have designed an intelligent system specifically for our ironworker machine -- Intelligent Fault Identification System (IFIS)

IFIS is the standard configuration of Q35Y(s) series ironworker. 

What's the function of IFIS?

● IFIS can bring you new operation experiences and it includes variety of solutions to fix the 99% of the issues caused by mis-operations.

● IFIS is based on our decades of experience in manufacturing and after-sale service. You are able to bring the machine back to its normal running operation status immediately! 
● With this brand-new intelligent system, you don’t even need to instruct it because it will help you to operate the machine properly and avoid the damages caused by mis-operation. 
● Even more, it can save the cost of training new operators!


How can IFIS do these jobs?

First, let's look at the composition of the IFIS. IFIS has a customized motherboard, a 7” touch screen and kinds of sensors which are distributed inside the ironworker.

● Software is also customized specifically for ironworker. It can control the action of ironworker, fault Identification and provide the solutions.
● Motherboard receive the input signal from each switch, program control the action of machine based on the input signal.
● Sensors send the signals of temperature, pressure and current back to motherboard in real-time.
● Motherboard supervises the driving situation of machine based on the signals, and protects the machine by special algorithm.

Are the fault codes complex? How does non-professional decipher the fault code?

Fault codes are well-known in many kinds of machines, especially in the car. Fault identification system would show you a string of characters when the car or machine has problems. These characters are the fault codes. You can't find out the reasons that cause the problems by these characters. Only professional can decipher the fault codes and know the solutions.


But! Our IFIS can help you to solve the problems directly!
For example, IFIS would stop the motor when detected the oil pressure abnormal overload, then show you a fault code on the screen. IFIS will decipher the fault code and analyze the reason that cause the problems based on the input signals, then show the solutions on the screen.
The reason is accurate to every switch and parts, so it is very easy to solve the problems just need to follow the operation steps in the solution.
You are able to take the machine back to its normal running operation immediately!


The advantage of IFIS is obvious that greatly improving the troubleshoot efficiency. Thanks to the driving situation of machine is supervised in real-time, IFIS can stop the consciously or unconsciously harmful operation on time. It well protects the core components of machine, such as motor, pump, vale and oil seals. It is of course extending the working life of our machine.


For users:
IFIS protects the machine by sensors and algorithm, so we can put an end to motor or pump burnout tragedy, which caused by long time overload in hydraulic system. Avoid great economic losses for user.
Meanwhile the machine is the property of company or the boss, workers are the user. Intelligent machine knows how to protect itself, and knows how to guide worker to do troubleshooting. There is no need to worry about machine be damaged by worker's mis-operation. And also greatly improved the production efficiency!

For agents:
IFIS makes the demand for after-sale service reduce sharply. Because of using integrated circuit instead of obsolete circuitry system, makes the service time of our electric system greatly increased and failure rate greatly reduced. So we help our agents to reduce much cost of after-sale service. Stable machines make agents get more orders.



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