iron worker machine punching workpiece positioning accuracy

Iron ironworker machine is a kind of newly developed energy-saving high efficiency, stable performance, has two patents of high-precision products - bow punching machine. The blanking punch punch velocity is 2.5 times that of similar products to improve the blanking force. Viewfinder fixed installation location, camera directly, overcome the viewfinder mobile data change, make the workpiece positioning accuracy is improved, and greatly improve the reliability of data acquisition, the workpiece positioning. Automatic punching machine USES the camera positioning, positioning faster and more accurate. High precision positioning deviation (+ / - 0.008 mm or less) ensures the high quality of the products, more in line with the requirements of electronic products more accuracy, the direction of future development must require high precision, and the use of automatic positioning punching machine can let you rob into the advantage in the market. Positioning and drilling speed is unable to bill's manual machine, speed can increase 2-3 times, greatly for the customer to save time, save people. So more and more enterprises introduce the machine as a positioning hole processing of special equipment, to replace the traditional manual drilling. Greatly improve the quality of the products and reduce scrap, improve the market competitiveness of enterprises, is an effective guarantee for a lot of enterprise competitiveness. 

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