q35y-20 hydraulic ironworker specification operation steps

1. The operator shall comply with the general q35y-20 hydraulic ironworker safety operation procedures. Must be familiar with punching and shearing machine structure and performance, strictly abide by rules of equipment operation, and qualified through training and examination, can mount guard operation.
2. The operator should be properly dressed before punching and shearing machine operating labor protection articles.
3. The operation must be checked before the power, voltage, conform to the requirements to send.
4. The operation must be checked before lubricating system, hydraulic system and compressed air system, oil, oil pressure, air pressure must conform to the requirements.
5. Every operation must be checked before photoelectric protection device is normal, photoelectric protection device is not normal can't boot, boot q35y-20 hydraulic ironworker, the operator must ensure that no machine work scope.
6. The program used for the first time, you must first empty pack artifacts in operation, to ensure correct rear can into the workpiece processing.
7. It must be checked before starting the mold of the discharging mouth up and down, can not have a scrap iron. Check the tool frame components, stripper plate, cutting tool, the middle ring, adjusting ring are in good condition, check the shear cutter and piercing die are in good condition without cleft, punch and die clearance of hole wall should be uniform, shear cutting tools should maintain a sharp edge.
8. When the q35y-20 hydraulic ironworker is running, the operator is allowed to leave the console or client stay tube, people should be shut down or cut off the power switch when they leave.
9. When people close to the machine tool, the speed is adjusted to zero and the press the stop button.
10. After work, to cut off their shearing mechanical and electrical source, including disconnect power box air switch and disconnect the air compressor in the mechanical and electrical source, and put the handle position, each cabinet lock to lock the door.
11. The operator should maintain the cleanliness of the site and machine tools, environmental temperature should be kept in the 10 to 40 ℃, the machine hydraulic oil temperature 20 to 60 ℃.
12. The operator strictly in accordance with the above procedures please.
13. During operation, abnormal phenomenon such as noise, shock, vibration and high temperature, press the abrupt stop, should stop immediately. It is strictly prohibited to work if sick.

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