single double cylinder ironworker

Advance of the construction of the double cylinder ironworker and the growth space determines the high-end, intelligent, automation machine tool manufacturing industry in China in the future development prospect. Especially the green environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction, and new materials, new energy, multi-function intelligent equipment, China's urbanization construction is one of the largest potential market and the sustainable development of the power. Also focus on the eighteenth congress proposed to speed up the perfect integration of urbanization drive system. The urbanization construction have been identified as important engine for the future development of China's economy. In a sense. Electronic information have been included in the strategic emerging industries, such as without the backing of the powerful machine tool industry.
Clearly put forward the development goal of our country's high-grade CNC machine tool. Development and application of high-grade CNC machine tool of numerical control system put forward higher request, the "national medium and long-term science and technology development plan outline (2006-2006" high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment major projects ", as one of the 16 national science and technology major projects. With high speed and high precision motion control becomes the key technology of modern numerical control system, have been widespread attention at home and abroad, and from theory to practical application in a lot of research and practice, effectively promoted the technical progress of  single cylinder ironworker.
Inexhaustible driving force for the prosperity of a country, innovation is the soul of a nation's progress. For an enterprise, and always walk on the road of science and technology in the transformation of innovation, adhere to advocate green environmental protection, the development strategy of advancing, development, ecological resources. Intensive utilization efficiency of the production process, minimize pollution emissions, the low carbon, green environmental protection concept into the enterprise's future development plan, the foundation of enterprise to enter the international market. 
With the support of the government, the key lies in technology of precipitation. If there is more precipitation technology. Believe that the machine tool industry in China will have a better future, the overall production level to a new level, machine tool industry is expected to be in the high-end market share, improve market influence.

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