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Mechanical iron worker, metal iron workermini iron workernew iron workersmall iron workersteel iron workerthe iron workermanual iron worker industry in China has three major development trends were gathered in the end, large-scale, intelligent. This is the main reason "twelfth five-year" period, China's gross domestic product manufacturing will remain much higher than in developed countries is generally less than 3% of the growth, will undoubtedly boost growth over the next few years China's machinery manufacturing; Again, machinery manufacturing industry in our country, with its huge scale advantage gradually gain leadership in the global machinery manufacturing. Finally the central cities in two different state of mind under the mechanical manufacturing technology gap is expected in the next few years is shrinking.
Energy conservation and environmental protection is the trend of development of construction machinery industry, machinery manufacturing industry is involved, but just as the use of clean energy, but in general, as countries around the world, especially the emerging market countries to improve the awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, mechanical manufacturing towards more environmentally friendly and low energy emission trend cannot be reversed.
And our country has also been strong, energy saving and emission reduction in China is not the road machinery emission standards is also in increasing year by year, the national development and reform commission, said an official with the energy research institute, "twelfth five-year" energy saving target for energy consumption per unit GDP decline is not higher than 20%, but no less than 15%. Energy-saving products will be the inevitable developing trend of construction machinery industry.
The sustainable development of world economic growth cannot leave the machinery manufacturing, and mechanical manufacturing is always accompanied by the development of world economic growth and constantly changing. Estimates, the global machinery manufacturing industry in 2010-2015, the average growth rate will be around 7.8%. World in the future, the development of mechanical manufacturing there will be three trends, respectively, the focus of the whole mechanical manufacturing will move to Asia; Competition in the global market will gather in the market; Energy conservation and environmental protection will be more and more get the attention of the user and the manufacturer.

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