Ironworker hydraulic punch press

Ironworker hydraulic press is the promoter of Chinese industry, of which more than 85% of the components are using large forging equipment to produce. Depends on the skill set different forging enterprises in our country, research and development of new products from time to time. Ironworker punch press is a high iron catalysts. With domestic railway establish high-speed expansion planning and investment planning, and railway equipment requirements from time to time to add, all closely related to the machine tool demand locomotives and rail equipment requirements will add significantly, it is made of the supply and demand a lot of demand for machine tool can. Forging industry leading enterprises in our country, through the years turned once completed the hydraulic press product yield high sales, effectively guaranteeing the high iron industry for locomotives and rail equipment supplies. The enterprise produces equipment has a very high quality guaranteeing, guaranteeing the smooth set up and the safety of China's high-speed rail aggressive expansion.
Ironworker press so far in the equipment manufacturing industry, in ChongXingHua, motors, intelligent, composite made great skill to break, the selection of the national prolificacy supply the demand. Punching and shearing machine the leading enterprises in Shanghai punching and shearing machine tool plant for several years to become the industry leading enterprises, promotion enterprise wealth no didn't work, and follow the promotion way to seize opportunities to achieve wealth.

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