p50 p-50 piranha ironworker new or used

At present, the development trend of the p50 piranha ironworker with frequency converter is shown as: increasing 2 it is easy to grasp. User demand for the inverter gradually into the device, and additional Settings on the software tools, in order to pass the user action simplifies the debugging process. A high performance. At present basically all inverter vector control methods, and led to a small amount of different levels of control structure and algorithm. It is worth noting that the speed sensorless vector control (SVC) is carried out rapidly in recent years, due to the SVC can request the disposal plan of low interest and high function, has become a dream of general inverter specification and development direction. 3 it is to function modular and intelligent demand rises gradually. 
It is understood that a number of inverter machine need some up to 4 ~ 5. It's enough to foresee the used p50 piranha ironworker market potential of the frequency converter. Use of frequency converter in machine tool market most Japanese brands, such as mitsubishi inverter due to close to the function of the server, or more so in the application of machine tool. And because in its function to mitsubishi, but price is much cheaper, cost-effective, market share is gradually increased in recent years. It can be seen from the machine tool sales data, general-purpose machine tool inventory situation is quite serious, especially in a wide range of functional lathe and compound machine tools, large heavy product market is better. The machining range, the rate of movement of the machine tool to implement components with different, the inverter function is also put forward higher request, domestic inverter manufacturers should seize the moment, planting p-50 piranha ironworker market.

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