Edwards jaws iv 50 ton hydraulic ironworker

Combined punching and shearing machine to turn in the equipment manufacturing industry , in ChongXingHua , motors , intelligent , composite opened the endless skills break , selection of national prolificacy supply the need of support , Punching and shearing machine to complete the localization of key equipment , to China's high speed precision CNC punching and shearing machine left a very big development space . Advanced CNC punching and shearing machine, Particularly high , refined , sharp CNC punching and shearing machine market according to the rate of less than 10 %, Anyone who is closely related to the machine tool demand of rolling stock and track equipment requirements add sharply , it is made of the supply and demand a lot of demand for machine tools can . Forging industry leading enterprises in our country . Through the years turned once completed the high hydraulic press product production sales , effectively guaranteeing the high iron industry the supply of rolling stock and track equipment required . The enterprise produces equipment has a very high quality guaranteeing , guaranteeing the smooth set up and the safety of China's high-speed rail aggressive expansion . 
Edwards jaws iv 50 ton hydraulic ironworker is the promoter of Chinese industry , and high iron catalysts . 

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