Make hydraulic ironworker machine more competitive 1

Ironworker machine plays an important role in all walks of life, but also represents the development level of a nation's equipment manufacturing industry. With the growth of China's science and technology development and manufacturing of influence of the multiple, personalized to domestic processing objects and object update frequency speed manufacture. Specialization, specialty and technology of machine tool is more and more favored by users.

Ironworker machine product function is all ready, not only influence on the speed of manufacturing industry in the development, innovation ability, but also to measure a country or a region of the machine tool industry as an important symbol of comprehensive strength. Machine tool industry demand for change is often accompanied by the country's industrial development. Third industrial revolution era, advanced manufacturing technology to flourish, after the baptism of two industrial revolution, the traditional machine tool industry is a major concern. In recent years foreign machine tool enterprises in China under the background of patent applications greatly increased, Machine tool industry in China gradually improve the mechanism of the independent innovation, promoted in high-end CNC machine tools, especially the core of digital ac servo drive the support of key technology research and development, the challenge of harvesting the fruits of intellectual property rights.

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