Make hydraulic ironworker machine more competitive 2

Last artical we discussed How to make hydraulic ironworker machine more competitive 1, this way we will discuss the rest parts.

Increase the feed rate and spindle speed. From micron grade to sub-micron precision, and even the nanoscale. High-reliability: Generally the reliability of CNC system is higher than the reliability of the numerical control equipment in more than one order of magnitude, but it is not the higher the reliability, the better, because the goods of the price performance ratio.

In all aspects of intelligent content included in the numerical control system. For machining efficiency and machining quality aspects of intelligent; for improving the drive performance and use convenient connection of intelligent; for simplify programming, for simplify the operation of intelligent; there are such as intelligent automatic programming, intelligent man-machine interface, etc., and the content of the intelligent diagnosis and intelligent monitoring and convenient diagnosis and maintenance of the system.

With the growth of China's science and technology development and manufacturing of influence of the multiple, personalized to domestic processing objects and object update frequency speed manufacture. Requirements of high efficiency, high precision machining means in escalating, personalized requirements of users has become increasingly intense, specialization, specialty, high-tech machine tools is more and more favored by users.

With the multiple functions development of numerical control machine tool, it is important to complete the car, milling, drilling, tapping, reaming, reaming and so on one machine tool in many kinds of operating process. So as to improve the efficiency of the machine tool and machining accuracy, improve production flexibility.

In today's world of CNC machine tools to the flexible automation system development trend is: From the spot, the line to the direction of face, body, on the other hand to pay attention to the applicability and economy development. Flexible automation technology is the main method of manufacturing industry to adapt to the dynamic market demand and product quickly update. It is also the mainstream trend of manufacturing development, is the foundation of advanced manufacturing technology.

Now competition hydraulic ironworker machine industry is service ability. Future ironworker machine factory will focus on research the needs of customers, intelligence is the core, for the majority of users with more efficient intelligent and personalized service is our pursuit.

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