New combined hydraulic ironworker machine for safe use

How to use a new hydraulic ironworker machine safely?

1.Before driving should first check the various parts of the punching and shearing machine transmission parts and connecting screws, pin is loose. Electrical grounding are in good condition.
2. Before work for each lubrication, drive to try to turn two to three minutes, no problem before work.
3. No overload, quenching steel punching and shearing are strictly prohibited.
4. Good gloves should be worn when working and good wear labor protection articles, it is forbidden to wear sandals and slippers.
5. When punching and shearing will often give refueling, fight ran up and down with skewed.
6. Pay attention to the finger safety when feeding, especially when the sheet at the end of the presser foot pressure is not on sheet metal, punching and shearing is prohibited.
7. While driving it is forbidden to tear open outfit, proofreading and punching die of shear blade. No hard knocks punching die, the shear blade and other parts.
8. Strictly control the range of the specifications of the sheet metal, beyond, punching and shearing are forbidden.
9. The workplace shall not pile up other goods and a lot of material, adjustment and cleaning must stop.
10. After work, power outage, in time, clean up the scene.

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