china series universal multi function hydraulic ironworker

When the independent innovation becomes the dominant force of an industry, innovation itself is a kind of culture. The development of the industry have a constant power. The china series hydraulic ironworker industry competition is the culture of competition, around one of the most key problems of independent innovation is the respect for knowledge, respect for talent, and respect for intellectual products. Enterprises to enhance the core competitiveness, it is necessary to speed up independent innovation of science and technology, accelerate the pace of investment in science and technology, the technical achievements in the form of patents to the market. 
At present, small batch more varieties in the production of varieties of artifacts have accounted for about 85% of the total number of artifact types. Modern production requirements enterprise produced products update frequently, the international association for the study of universal hydraulic ironworker statistics to adapt to the demand of the market and competition. However, general enterprises are still used to a lot of the traditional special fixture, generally in the factory of medium production capacity, on the other hand, the variety of production enterprises, will update every 3 ~ 4 years 50 ~ 80% products, especially in recent years, numerical control machine tools, machining center, group technology, flexible manufacturing system. The development direction of china universal hydraulic ironworker mainly for standardization, four aspects, such as motors, efficiency and flexibility to make China's forging industry more lasting. 
multi function hydraulic ironworker of domestic enterprises want to stand among the enterprises of the world, to go the way of open, create international brand. Experience in the development of the international business success, relying on industrial park platform, form a professional in the field of virtuous cycle of industry system, to achieve the optimal allocation of resources, strengthen the cooperation with foreign enterprises and units top, actively introduce foreign advanced technology, to build their own independent innovation platform.

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