china hydraulic universal ironworker

Through the analysis of the future economy, innovation is the driving force for the development of china hydraulic universal ironworkerhydraulic universal ironworker.
Steady growth bottom line of China policy thinking stable growth forecasts, China's economy into the structural deceleration phase. And at the same time puts forward the structural adjustment, promote the reform of new ideas. China's economy is growing from rapid growth to efficient, means through economic structural reforms, to gradually eliminate the unbalanced development of accumulated risks, towards a balanced economic structure. Structural adjustment and reform, however, will directly lead to lower economic growth, namely structural slowdown. Balance "restructuring, promote reform" policy operation is very important to the economic slowdown. 
Independent innovation by the unprecedented attention. For punching and shearing machine industry, innovative companies is the decisive power of building an innovative country. Increasingly fierce competition in the market of the independent innovation ability has also become a hot topic. Adhere to the scientific development, the protection of intellectual property rights, to master the core technology, improve the innovation ability is becoming more and more attention by enterprises.

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