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Industrial developed countries have offered to technological innovation leading the the ironworker manufacturing industry to upgrade in recent years. Intelligent, green has become the inevitable development trend of ficep ironworker manufacturing industry, the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment, has become the focus of the world competition. At present our country manufacturing scale has more than 2 trillion dollars. But the three main problems: one is the lack of core technology, manufacturing innovation ability is weak; 2 it is economic with high investment, high energy consumption, low output mode of development, unsustainable. Three is an aging population. The transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, and so. Rapid development of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry, the realization of intelligent manufacturing, green is the inevitable choice.
Domestic enterprises in this block is also is in a state of catch-up, high-end CNC machine tool spartan ironworker industry in the domestic development trend is good. For to do the numerical control machine tool industry, to create their own brand. Shows that China is still very strong demand for nc machine tools, CNC machine imported high amount in recent years. Especially high-end CNC machine tools, still need a lot of imports. And one of automation system in the software development cost is higher and higher. , according to the related data of machine tool manufacturing systems, from 1980 to 2014 in 30 years, software cost increased from 10% to 10% and electronic mechanical cost increased from 10% to 10% from 80% to 35% which is increased the difficulty of the domestic enterprise research and development of high-end CNC machine tools.
Adjustment of product structure need to be fast, China products and China market demand difference. The kingsland ironworker industry big but not strong, has a large number of high-end products rely on imports. Though domestic machine tool of the domestic market share has been improve to a certain extent, but the high-grade CNC machine tool, the core features in the domestic market share is still very low, the industry to replace imports of potential is enormous. It is understood that the new four modernizations "will be stimulating domestic demand new driving force. In accordance with the planning, a only urbanization would boost GDP at least two percent. Investment in fixed assets will be steady growth. Last year, at the same time. Country has approved nearly one trillion yuan investment in the 25 urban rail projects, nuclear power program have also been limited open. This year is the implementation of the "twelfth five-year" plan for one year, which forms a connecting link between the preceding and a batch of iron base infrastructure investment is expected to achieve faster growth. Industry westward march will also drive the investment in fixed assets. 
Determines the depth of the machine tool industry decline is unlikely. The bad news is closely related to the machine tool industry of equipment manufacturing industry demand is still not enough strong, overall good fundamentals. Overall is still not out of the downward pressure. Orders from machinery industry key enterprises, the latest year accumulative total order presents the negative growth, engineering machinery, ships, commercial vehicles, power generation equipment orders fell the most obvious, at the same time, exports have also dropped sharply. 
Global brand scotsman ironworker won the revolutionary progress of nc machine tool industry, high speed, motors, integration and greening has become a CNC machine tool industry technology development direction. Scope of equipment level, processing, processing quality and production efficiency. To improve the level of high-end manufacturing play a key role. A policy at the beginning of the set goals will weigh the feasibility, because "there is now a higher goal and hard targets and schedule, to force their progress, coupled with the efforts of all colleagues, hope there is, of course.

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