Hydraulic sainless steel ironworker cylinder for ironworker

Angle hydraulic sainless steel ironworker as the name suggests is a cutting Angle of the use of a tool, Angle steel cutting machine to cut off the fast, edge smooth without burrs, in all areas of the construction of the national economy play an important role. 
Sainless steel ironworker is a kind of composite metal shear, punching, cutting board, multiple functions such as bending machine tool equipment, hydraulic and mechanical, with simple operation, less energy consumption, low maintenance cost advantages, is the first choice of modern manufacturing industry.
Hydraulic cylinder for ironworker is made cut low carbon composition, tensile strength of 450 mpa or less cold round steel, Angle steel, channel steel, square steel, flat steel and steel plate, also can to the heterogeneous type processing of Angle steel, channel steel, for the sheet metal shear, punching processing, etc. It is suitable for machining, construction, electricity, shipbuilding, automobile, railway and other industries processing components. Product novel structure, convenient operation, wide application scope.
Shanghai Kingdom manage to keep in the north, and strive to win-win both sides together. To ensure product quality, to ensure the quality management system within the enterprise to carry out effective operation specification, carrying out the job requirements and behavior and make the product quality to achieve the technical standard and the user's requirements.

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