Ironworkers local union 378 25

Ironworkers 378 is a set of ironworkers local functions of industrial machinery, is indispensable to modern machinery manufacturing equipment. This device has spawned more more more complicated hydraulic combined ironworkers 25 functions. Good usage can not only guarantee the quality of mechanical products, can also extend the service life of the machine.
Then ironworkers union which use tips? The first is to prepare before starting the work, before use for each part go, also can be appropriately on the punch refueling, so can effectively reduce the burr. Moreover is used, by cutting the steel plate to balance, the above to keep clean and tidy. At the time of trial shear, had better not more than 15 mm in length. At the time of scissors on the downward movement, for the following steel plate, to adjust position, maintain appropriate clearance, so that the shear steel plate will be straight. And at the time of shear must hold-down plates, prevent in the process of shear plate will jump cuts.

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